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  • We believe that education is a mechanics. We know that the lack of information can be easily completed with the right methods. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have developed a method of training for your cyber-security careers. In this process, we've fixed the missing points and we've took lessons from good points for our career training.
  • That is why we want you to know that this training consists of experience and knowledge. No long videos, no pointless homeworks! We have prepared a short, concise and completely knowledge / experience oriented training content for you. We never leave you alone from start to the end of your training. We let you in touch with the private community we create and let you see your performance statistics with private CTF which includes real-world scenarios. At the end of the process, in line with your own will, we are talking to the human resources of the security companies and we are trying to get you to work.

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